Dr. Mike Davis

Dr. Mike Davis is the founder of Safe Affordable Effective (SAE) Orthopedics. Dr. Davis has been practicing as a board certified orthopedic surgeon in the Southern Illinois area since 1992. Upon noticing that the primary treatment for plantar fasciitis was outdated by decades and that it did not adequately treat the injury, he invented TESS, a treatment device that was safer and more effective. TESS is a stretching device designed to alleviate pain associated with plantar fasciitis injuries.

Pam Rushing

Facility management and sales efforts are coordinated by Pam Rushing. She brings energy and organization to the company that is unparalleled. Leaning on her 15 years of experience in medical product sales, she ensures that we meet the customer with service and knowledge first. 

SAE seeks to not only promote the sales of the TESS Device but looks forward to helping other medical device inventors navigate the vast space between concept and execution. Reach out to us about your medical device concepts. If even a single person can be helped by medical innovation, we want to facilitate  that process.