TESS is for everyone. We’ve seen the impact it has had on lumberjacks, professional athletes, nurses, the young, the elderly, and everyone in between. Every person who has used this device has had something good to say about it. We are proud to present a few of those testimonials here. Yours could be the next one added. Call us today to start living pain free.

This is what some of our customers had to say about TESS:


In my job I do a lot of walking in the forest on a lot of different surfaces and a lot of it’s pretty rugged…I’d gotten to a point, where at the end of the day, I couldn’t even put my heels on the ground, my feet hurt so bad.

My family physician gave me some exercises and told me about using the rubber bands to stretch. That’s pretty typical of what I think your general practitioner will tell people to try to do.

When plantar fasciitis started really causing me problems, I got in touch with Dr. Davis and he loaned me a TESS device. I started using it. Within a week I was feeling some relief. Within a few weeks, my plantar fasciitis was completely gone. I just couldn’t believe it.


Stan Curtis
Carbondale Veneer Company Inc.


Dr. Davis’ expert advice and the use of TESS allowed me to finally find relief from the regular pain that I had been experiencing due to plantar fasciitis! I felt less tight and an abatement of plantar fasciitis pain after following the recommended stretching routine with TESS. Thanks to Dr. Davis and his TESS device I was able to return to my active lifestyle!


Heidi Moccia
Former NCAA Division I women’s soccer First Team All-American
Former Professional Soccer player

quoteThe function itself is a simple concept. Ankle mobility is one of the largest limiting factors in the training of high level athletes, and has carryover from peak performance to posture, injury prevention and everyday healthy living. The TESS device is thoughtfully designed, and easily implemented into our training prep work. The piece can be intuitively engaged, easily adjusted, and provides the practical and useable features that make athletes who have used it, gravitate towards it as part of their routine.  I am not aware of any other device that encourages the consistent and correct daily usage that yields noticeable and measurable progress in the useable mobility, strength and suppleness of the lower extremity.


Clete McLeod
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
University of South Dakota Coyotes

quoteThis device works!!!!


Robert from Facebook
Satisfied Customer