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with Data Driven Treatment

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Data Driven Treatment
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Stop Wasting Time On Ineffective Treatments!

Whether you are an athlete, physician, trainer or an everyday person struggling with plantar fasciitis and flexibility in your athletes or yourself, you want to be confident you are using the most effective treatment. In order to do that, you need accurate data and analytics to drive your treatment plan.

Up until now you couldn’t measure flexibility without cutting a muscle out and putting it in a salt bath. And who wants to volunteer for that study? Probably not you or your athletes. That can leave you feeling stuck and frustrated that your or your athlete’s pain isn’t going away and the treatments aren’t effective.

We believe preventing injuries through increasing flexibility doesn’t have to be difficult or take a ton of time.

Finally, A Better Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis –

Introducing TESS

Tess measures muscle flexibility with real-time data offering better treatment for Plantar Fasciitis.

TESS Measurements

Data Driven Treatment

Tess is an FDA cleared medical device measures flexibility of the muscles using cutting edge biometric acquisition and analytics for injury treatment and prevention.

Guided Approach

Guided Approach

The technology is such that it includes the ability for you to use the device at home and your physician or trainer gets the results to guide your treatment.


Less Hassle, More Results

It takes less time and is easy to use. No more uncomfortable stretches or plantar socks through the night hoping it works. You will see your progress daily.

How it Works

Stand on Device

1. Stand on the Device

Follow the instructions to get your initial measurement and subsequent measurements each day.

Get The Measurement

2. Get Your Measurement

In a matter of seconds the device measures your progress and records the results.

Automatically Emails Results

3. Automatically Emails Results

An email with your results is sent directly to your physical therapist, strength coach, or athletic trainer that you’ve specified to receive your results.

Get Data Driven Treatments

4. Get Data Driven Treatment

Get effective treatment from your provider without all the guesswork!

Want to see how TESS works?

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We get it – doing stretches you aren’t sure are working or sleeping with a plantar sock is a pain!

Which is why Dr. Michael Davis, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon and adjunct professor at Southern Illinois University, created the TESSFAD1 to treat Plantar Fasciitis and increase flexibility in the calf muscles. TESSFAD1 is the first FDA cleared medical device that measures flexibility of the muscles using cutting edge biometric acquisition and analytics that has an NIH approved clinical trial.

Help Future Plantar Fasciitis Patients By Joining Our Clinical Trial!

How To Join The Clinical Trial – Only 100 Spots Available

  • 1. Click The Button To Contact Us

  • 2. Use The Device Daily

  • 3. Help Change The Future Of Flexibility Treatment

*Contact us to fill out an application. Your application will be assessed based on the requirements of the trial. You will be notified on your acceptance status as well as the trial start date. If accepted into the trial, you will be given further instructions.

TESS represents the next generation of heel cord box.



TESS is safer and more effective than its predecessors. It allows for more immediate symptom relief and significantly faster healing.


TESS is currently the subject of a major medical study. Dr. Davis and SAE Orthopedics in conjunction with several renowned physicians, hospitals, and universities are studying the impact of using TESS as opposed to outmoded forms of treatment.


We fully expect this study to clearly indicate that TESS is significantly more effective at symptom eradication and reducing healing time, making it the preferred non-invasive treatment for plantar fasciitis.

Tess in a Medical Setting